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Frost and plants 'bare root'

The period between mid-November and early March is the best time to plant trees or shrubs with a naked or bare root.
Bare root plants can be best replant immediately or either temporarily potted. Plants in bare root are trees or shrubs without soil (earth) around their roots. If you can not immediately plant out the plants, you can preserve them best in a large plastic bag. Then spray the roots with water and seal the bag tightly. Keep the bag in a cool, frost-free room. If necessary, you moisten the roots again every week. In this way you can store them for some weeks. During a severe frost period it is better not to plant out any products. As soon as the frost period is slightly beyond, the roots are inserted in water for several hours. 
This allows them to absorb a lot of water. In this way, they can be planted out and maximized growth will be obtained.

Make the hole big enough, where the bare root plant will be afterwards.

  1. Deposit a few centimeters of potting soil in the planting hole and spread the roots branches horizontally into the pit.
  2. Place the shrub or tree into the hole and put it deep enough into the ground. Thus no roots will be above ground level.
  3. Mix additional potting soil into the planting hole. Fill the hole and press the soil firmly. Then give the plant enough water.
  4. Give the plants enough water every week in dry weather during the first growing season (April to June).
  5. When planting trees, it may be necessary to put a tree pole next to it in order to strengthen the tree.

Can I pick out the plants themselves on site?

No. Because we don't run a garden center or flowershop, there is no possibility of picking out your ordered plants. Of course it is possible to describe specific needs. This can be done into the comments box. We will fulfill your demands as well as possible.

When can I plant?

Many garden plants, perennials, shrubs and trees are grown in pots, container or moth. Because their entire root system has been formed in that pot or container, the damage to the roots is minimal when planting out. The roots will then also quickly root into the ground. In pot grown plants can be planted throughout the year, except in strict freezing weather. This is a great advantage, because the restriction of the planting season until spring and autumn thus completely disappears.

  1. Make the hole big enough (at least twice the pot size), to place the product into.
  2. Mix the potting soil in the planting hole.
  3. Remove the plastic pot or container. The moth may be planted with burlap.
  4. From April to October you must first water the rootball well, which comes out of the plastic pot. This can be done by immersing the rootball into water.
  5. Place the product into the hole.
  6. Hold the top of the rootball slightly below ground level.
  7. Fill the hole and press the soil firmly. Give plenty of water afterwards.
  8. Give plenty of water during the first growing season from April to June in dry weather conditions.
  9. When planting trees, it may be necessary for a tree to put a tree pole next to it for the firmness.

How many plants do I need per square meter?

Usually every plant contains a plant label with the necessary information. If the minimum density is applied, the perennials will completely fill their assigned space after several years. In that way they will develop into strong plants.
Disadvantages are that the plant area is not completely overgrown for several years and weeds are given free rein.
For large plant areas it is recommended to apply the maximum density, especially with completely new plantings. This will give you faster results and right from the beginning weeds hardly get their chance. Keep in mind that most plants quickly grow to twice the volume of the pot size. More plants per square meter than the maximum density permitted, makes no sense.

I love plants but have no knowledge.

Of course you can personally get to work in the garden to plant out the products, but you can also choose to let us do this. For a reasonable fee we plant your entire order in the garden (after payment of the plants). Prices for planting includes delivery of the potting soil. If you wish to use this service, you can simply indicate this in the 'comments box'. We provide a customized quotation.




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